Simric Yarrow BA (Hons) (Balliol College, Oxford University), MA (London - SOAS), PGCE (London - IoE), DipEd (Cape Town - CCE)

*Proper Noun:  Person able to catalyse positive, deep organisational transformation by challenging the status quo in order to co-create new, dynamic scenarios which answer the needs of the enterprise going forwards.

"To trust a stranger to guide one on an unknown path of personal exploration is a daunting task, so for Simric to create a safe platform for so many different individuals in the same room at the same time is sheer brilliance. I truly felt he was mentally and emotionally present at all times, consistent in his demeanor and generous with his consideration, attention and input." - Charnelle Danica, Event Production Manager

Speaker and Facilitator


This site is under a process of reconstruction (Feb 2016). Please check back soon for more up-to-date information! The material here still gives a picture of what Simric has been up to over the years.

"We loved having Simric speak at the 8 O'Clock Club. He is a creative individual who speaks with passion, sincerity, integrity and humour.  The guests thoroughly enjoyed all the exercises too."    -  Claire Creighton, co-ordinator, 8 O’Clock Club (March 2015)

“Simric is a powerful, positive and playful speaker. A consummate storyteller, he brings humour and play to his presentation in a way that delights the audience while also driving home important truths. I found his talk relatable, relevant and a revelation!”       -  Verity Price, Facilitator and Speaker

 "Simric gives words shape and texture. They become tangible and ripe. You can hold them, squeeze them, put them in your mouth and taste them. Simric is a magician! Every time I've seen Simric perform, I've been spellbound. The words flow, rhythmic and succulent, engaging and topical, flighty and humorous. When he stops I want more. And behind the words is an incisive mind with a strong grasp of the challenges we face living on this southern tip of Africa." - John Thorne, Chief Executive Officer, Knowledge Tree

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