Power up your - or your organisation's - event, function or conference with a creative, cutting-edge, unexpected voice: add the overview possible from a Transformational Energy Activist*'s point of view!! 

With Simric Yarrow BA (Hons) (Balliol College, Oxford University) MA (London - SOAS) PGCE (London - IoE) DipEd (Cape Town - CCE)

*Proper Noun:  Person able to catalyse positive, deep organisational transformation by challenging the status quo in order to co-create new, dynamic scenarios which answer the needs of the enterprise going forwards.

 “Simric has the ability to make one feel, taste, see and hear the words in such a way that his message is understood by the mind and the body.  A truly gifted experience of poetry in motion.” – Casper Oelofsen, Co-founder, Capitec Bank  

Simric's work as a facilitator and speaker/performer for all ages has taken many forms over the past 20 years. Unusually, this can take a wholly new/old format – Performance Poetry and Oral Stories created specially for the occasion/context concerned, even improvised rapidly from the issues that arise during an event (or drawn judiciously from earlier sources).

Simric is adept at producing poems and stories quickly for a particular theme a conference/workshop/event is working with. One key talent he has is to witness aspects of an event and then synthesise key themes that arise into a poem presented at a later stage of the process, e.g. the evening or morning after. His poetic ability works extensively with synthesising values of intelligence, which quickly give a powerful overview, rather than over-emphasising analytical intellligence that focuses on details, often at the expense of the bigger picture.  [For example, he prepared and performed a poem to Nedbank Investment Bank's leadership programme recently; also to Old Mutual's senior leadership group during a workshop on change and complexity facilitated by Bethefuture, as well as quickly producing 'summary' poems during events organised by CDRA facilitators and by Playing Mantis facilitators].

 Alternatively a poem or two can be combined with a pointed speech on a particular topic. Simric writes and speaks on topics related to creating a sustainable, more conscious future, and has a range of positive thoughts on the challenges of today’s society. (See his blog). His understanding of storytelling techniques can hold a crowd enraptured.  He honed these with years of work in Steiner education (a form viewed as "the education system for the 21st century" by UNESCO).

 Simric also performs at private and more intimate functions from weddings to parties, that want something a little more "21st century" than the usual readings... and is available for workshops and presentations in schools and other educational institutions!

Some example poems:

Gathering Dust - (artistic piece, external link to Badilisha Radio recording here)

and below:

The Blacksmith's Dance (for a wedding)

Cape Town Carnival 2012 - official poem as performed on Heart FM

International Peace Day Poem (community/organisational event)

Simric's YouTube channel

 Simric has a background of success in the performing arts, as an acclaimed actor, storyteller, musician and poet; he also has a background of exploring new methodologies for creating dynamic leaders and sustainable teams: methodologies including not only the forefront of Western academic thinking, but also more creative, “out the box” ideas. As a writer he has also taken this work to the mainstream from time to time, with articles published by leading magazines like The Daily Maverick and The Big Issue. His views are challenging but with good humour - the "wise fool" archetype of the jester, getting people to new perspectives in an entertaining way, is a key picture for him.

The Blacksmith's Dance.mp3

Simric Cape Town Carnival.mp3

Peace Day.mp3

For bookings and quotes, contact Simric on simric1@gmail.com or 072 437 5270

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