Soul Theatre:
6 week introductory programme
June/July 2012
  • A journey into what it is to be human at this time in our history.
  • An exploration of other ways of being, thinking, feeling, exploring that open up from work with performance art forms.
  • An opportunity to play with your creative potential, individually and with others.
Do you have an inner drama queen too shy to let out into the world? Or have you been just waiting for an opportunity to play – in a powerful way – with the imaginative spirit within you? Are you looking for some changes in life but tired of all those inspirational words, words, words without real actions? Or do you love to move and vocalise already and want to explore some possibilities and frameworks which guide you in relating that to your own personal journey?

Theatre as we know it began in the classical world as a way of looking at the stories which make us human from new angles, an attempt to present this in a new light both to audiences and – originally – to the gods! In tribal societies, in Africa and elsewhere, this understanding of taking on roles for the purposes of connection and transformation was also present and no doubt formed the background for classical theatre. Today we may think of theatre, movies, etc. as mere entertainment when we simply sit motionless in the audience, but we find when we take on roles ourselves – using our own bodies and voices - that out of this “play” – or “plerk” (work/play) - surprising changes can take place.

Over the course of six 3-hour evening sessions we will explore the possibilities for change by mapping out a journey, individually and together; one that takes in polarities (male/female, yin/yang, light/dark etc.), as well as the elements and archetypes that are grand metaphors for who we can be as human beings. We will create a safe, “sacred” space in which to “plerk” with our own energies and the other energies we find or invite into the space. We will warm up our bodies and our vocal chords – our game “pieces” for this play – according to the direction we might travel in each week. We will move, gesture, vocalise in many ways; we will speak our own words and others; we will find ways to create out of a space of “nothing-ness”. We will use more visual mediums to assist us, including costume, mask and puppetry; and we will share our experiences and hopefully leave each session able to take a little more beauty and power into our daily lives.


Outline: (this can vary from group to group)

  • We will look at the Fool/Clown archetype, as well as other major archetypes and more individualised characters; including classic characters from our own stories (e.g. parents)
  • We will take a look at bringing our own stories (or aspects/snippets of them) to life and transforming them in “performance”
  • We will begin exploring polarities in depth both individually and together
  • We will aim for a kind of synthesis towards the final session. One outcome might be some sort of presentation for an invited audience, but this is only if the participants feel that is appropriate for where the “plerk” has got: performance would only happen if it was seen to be furthering the transformative process.
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