“I loved the fact that we could play for a whole day. It was amazing to me how quickly the group gelled, and that it didn’t matter that we hadn’t had lots of time to get to know one another ... we were able to trust and to engage in the safely-held space Simric created.” Alice Ashwell

" A great soul-searching experience - and super value for money!" - Thomas Bowman

"Soul Theatre offered me the chance to access my silly, impulsive, wild inner child that had been somewhat hidden behind the mask of adult. Stepping into child, I was reminded of the lightness and humour of life that is so often clouded over by seriousness. I felt a flying freeing joy move through me, an access-point into living life as an adventure, a game to be played with, not worked at. Acting from this place, my self-consciousness dropped and I could play and show myself as the free-spirited being that I truly am. I feel as if this course offers one a hundred sets of eyes, the chance, if you're willing to take it, to view oneself and one's life from varying fresh perspectives. Polarities are played with, so that the story of what is wonderful and what is terrible in our lives is broken down, shaken up and re-arranged. Who I am and The Story of My Life becomes play-dough - moving, shifting, able to be moulded with fluidity and playfulness.

Simric holds the space wih steady arms, a warm and inviting heart and a natural sense of humour, enabling participants to process both the deep emotions and stories they carry, as well as play, laugh and dance in their shadow and their light." - Haylee Beth


Expression Connection Protection

A daytime

Soul Theatre Journey

with Simric Yarrow

 Saturday March 9th 2013, 9.30am-4.30pm

@ Theatre Arts Admin Collective, Methodist Church Hall, Cnr Milton & Wesley St, Observatory CT

 An exploration of the dynamic of leaping out of the box, creating alongside others, and also finding our way safely home – using a range of creative and theatrical techniques, including movement, voice, costume, improvisation and writing. The space created will allow for personal exploration and expression, in the manner of Simric’s other Soul Theatre classes and workshops. This day is for anybody looking to find more embodied and “play-full” connection with their life’s journey. Material used will include the purely imaginative as well as aspects of our biographies and family history.

 No previous experience with Soul Theatre is required, though this “playshop” is also open to those who have participated in Simric’s previous programmes. Aspects of that work will be revisited.

 Book your place early as numbers are limited! And if you have any questions please contact Simric directly on 021 788 6613,

sms 072 437 5270, or e-mail soultheatre1@gmail.com

Costs: R400. Bursaries/exchanges possible on application.

"Simric is a great facilitator. Our sessions felt completely contained and this made it safe to share. He gently and firmly brough us back to the sessions when we became distracted. I have definitely learnt to look at my stories with more lightness and laughter. The Soul Theatre course has helped me to detach easily from what I would previously have spent much time 'working on'. Somehow the combination of exercises with the emphasis being on play, contributed towards more detaching and 'discording' that I have been 'working so hard' to manifest. Playing and "Plerking" in group is definitely the new way forward for me." - Rah Busby, facilitator/writer

"Simric introduced us to a richness of exercises and processes, while holding a safe, clear, good-humoured and creatively free space. In his Soul Theatre course I felt myself able to take a more open, authentic, spontaneous, and generatively risking stance towards the world. I also had a lot of fun - an enjoyable way to drop some masks and habitual behaviour, to be seen not always knowing, not always in control, to be met in a space of good nature, heart warmth, and creative possibility" - Karl Geggus, Software Developer

Regular evening classes will be running again from March 12th. More details coming soon!

 "Simric is a skillful facilitator – with ease and without judgement he holds an open-hearted, open-minded space in which I felt confident to face any insecurities, be free and plerk! It seemed as though everyone on the course felt a similar sense of trust in Simric as our facilitator, as we all encountered parts of ourselves we had missed for years – the whacky, outrageous, laughter-full inner children who never tire of playing."

- Alexi Silverman, high school teacher

  “Simric is a man of great sensitivity and feeling.  In the work that I have done with him I have experienced his warm, gentle, burning desire to inspire and work towards the healing of all” Dale Simpson, Body Stress Release practitioner

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