"Simric is a highly creative and accomplished group process facilitator. His Soul Theatre workshops are unforgettable opportunities to dive deep into body and soul in the most playful way. And on his 1-day workshop it was amazing to me how quickly the group gelled, and that it didn’t matter that we hadn’t had lots of time to get to know one another ... we were able to trust and to engage in the safely-held space Simric created.” - Alice Ashwell, HeartMath Provider & Coach; Workshop Facilitator; Wordsmith

"Simric is a multi-talented and creative individual who brings a high level of integrity commitment and energy to all that he does. He is passionate about encouraging creativity, personal development and empowerment in his work with people. He is equally passionate about community building initiatives. It has been a pleasure to watch his development in becoming a powerful and insightful facilitator and his boldness and courage in taking up leadership. I would highly recommend Simric." - Nic Fine, Facilitator, Author, Hearts of Men Founder & Board Member

"Simric was a brilliant facilitator and planned each session well. I felt very comfortable throughout the course because of his ability to safely guide us through each process. I left each session on a high  - we had loads and loads of fun. - Jeremy Kropman, Construction Project Manager

"Simric is a sensitive and strong group work facilitator who is able to support group members to deepen their process through his creative input and skills. I highly recommend his creative and group work"
Catherine Williams RN, RPN, RCHN, RM

"Simric is a great facilitator. Our sessions felt completely contained and this made it safe to share. He gently and firmly brought us back to the sessions when we became distracted. I have definitely learnt to look at my stories with more lightness and laughter. The Soul Theatre course has helped me to detach easily from what I would previously have spent much time 'working on'. Somehow the combination of exercises with the emphasis being on play, contributed towards more detaching and 'discording' that I have been 'working so hard' to manifest. Playing and "Plerking" in group is definitely the new way forward for me." - Rah Busby, facilitator/writer

"Simric introduced us to a richness of exercises and processes, while holding a safe, clear, good-humoured and creatively free space. In his Soul Theatre course I felt myself able to take a more open, authentic, spontaneous, and generatively risking stance towards the world. I also had a lot of fun - an enjoyable way to drop some masks and habitual behaviour, to be seen not always knowing, not always in control, to be met in a space of good nature, heart warmth, and creative possibility" - Karl Geggus, Software Developer

"Simric is a skillful facilitator – with ease and without judgement he holds an open-hearted, open-minded space in which I felt confident to face any insecurities, be free and plerk! It seemed as though everyone on the course felt a similar sense of trust in Simric as our facilitator, as we all encountered parts of ourselves we had missed for years – the whacky, outrageous, laughter-full inner children who never tire of playing." - Alexi Silverman, high school teacher

"Simric is a great facilitator, he was very patient, calm and encouraging. He kept the group focused, worked well with what he had and was able to amend the game plan when necessary." -  Natasha Adonis, Account Executive (PR)

"Simric is possessed of keen intellectual insight, tempered by artistic sensibilities, which are already highly developed. While it may not be uncommon for mathematical intelligence to go hand in hand with musical skill, not many bring to this combination a refined dramatic and poetic sense, and that not merely as an interpreter, but as a creator and performer. I experienced Simric as a colleague at Constantia Waldorf School, where he was able to make things clear in a coherent and artistically engaging way. To his teaching he brought intelligence, sound background knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity. Simric has a very fertile mind, and this provides him with abundant ideas, both contextual and pedagogical." - Norman Skillen, senior teacher and trainer

"I have known and worked with Simric for the past 10

years. During this time, his qualifications, experience

and talents have seen him produce exceptional work in

a variety of areas. As a performer as well as a

teacher, Simric brings a unique energy. This together

with his strong work ethic of commitment and deep

dedication to all he does demands and receives

exceptional standards of work from students. Simric’s

dedication to the children in his own class was

commendable and inspiring. His ability to work with

such consistent commitment was noted and admired. He

is a person of integrity who teaches and lives from an

inner desire to make the world a better place. I highly

recommend Simric for any post he feels he is capable

of." - Diane Scannell, senior Drama teacher and


“Simric is a man of great sensitivity and feeling.  In the work that I have done with him I have experienced his warm, gentle, burning desire to inspire and work towards the healing of all”
Dale Simpson, Body Stress Release practitioner

" A great soul-searching experience - and super value for money!" - Thomas Bowman (1-day Soul Theatre participant)

"Soul Theatre offered me the chance to access my silly, impulsive, wild inner child that had been somewhat hidden behind the mask of adult. Stepping into child, I was reminded of the lightness and humour of life that is so often clouded over by seriousness. I felt a flying freeing joy move through me, an access-point into living life as an adventure, a game to be played with, not worked at. Acting from this place, my self-consciousness dropped and I could play and show myself as the free-spirited being that I truly am. I feel as if this course offers one a hundred sets of eyes, the chance, if you're willing to take it, to view oneself and one's life from varying fresh perspectives. Polarities are played with, so that the story of what is wonderful and what is terrible in our lives is broken down, shaken up and re-arranged. Who I am and The Story of My Life becomes play-dough - moving, shifting, able to be moulded with fluidity and playfulness.

Simric holds the space with steady arms, a warm and inviting heart and a natural sense of humour, enabling participants to process both the deep emotions and stories they carry, as well as play, laugh and dance in their shadow and their light." - Haylee Beth (6-week Soul Theatre course participant)

From addiction rehabilitation clients in 2013:

"Wow! Where can I do more of this when I leave here?" - Guy

"I really enjoyed your class every week and I hope to do more!" - Nick

"This has been the highlight of my time here" - Carol

"I felt so in touch with the process of healing my hurt and pain - Simric this was a real impact in my life, thank you so very much! You might never know how grateful I am to you" - Seelan

"The one session where we can truly connect with mind, body and soul by self-expression" - Fraser

"Really connected to your work!" - Xander

"These sessions are very helpful for releasing negativity" - John

 Speaking/ Performing:

 “Simric has the ability to make one feel, taste, see and hear the words in such a way that his message is understood by the mind and the body.  A truly gifted experience of poetry in motion.”Casper Oelofsen, Co-founder, Capitec Bank

"Simric’s performance poetry has left me in various states of wonderment, surprise and delight every time I have had the privilege of witnessing him perform. He is a master with words, a magician who makes the words come alive and play off each other with multiple meanings and brilliant juxtaposition. At any event with a specific theme, Simric will craft an extraordinary and unique slice of entertainment which will leave the audience spellbound, enthralled and bursting into spontaneous applause and appreciation." - James Veitch, Business Analyst

 "I first met Simric as an educator. Over the years, across cyber-space, through community on and off line interactions, I became aware of his multiple talents. Only last year was I given the somewhat random opportunity to see him in his element - performing. It was one poem. At Afrika Burn indeed! But it blew me away. Simric is utterly original, highly intelligent, deeply spiritual, a marvelous maverick - a true iconoclast. He combines wit, humour, personal idiosyncrasy, social diatribe in a configuration or words and spaces that both confound and delight. He is a true and rare talent. To be in his space and watch him perform is one thing, to know him is a rare privilege." - Wendy Ward, Resilience & Leadership Coach

"Creative and Lateral Thinker with extra-ordinary linguistic skills" - Michael Evans, CEO, Algorhythm Software

" I can highly recommend Simric in his capacity as Master of Ceremonies, Poet and Musician. His involvement in our event was a huge contributing factor to the beauty of the day." - Ady Lor, Director, Little People Project

"Simric Yarrow covers a wide variety of genres, teacher, musician and Music director, Published poet, motivational speaker, dramatist and an expert on cob building: all these at a high level of competence and all with a smile..." - Dave Williams, Principal Technical Producer at SABC

"Simric is a local wordsmith of note - richly inspired and inventive, he crafts wonderful cascades of resonant sounds, powerful words and striking imagery. To listen to him is to follow an exquisite journey of the imagination, and be transported along a roller coaster of evocative sounds and closely interwoven associations and plays of meaning. He strikes many a chord of contemporary culture with his word wizardry." - Patrick Jordi, Head of English, Westerford High School

"Simric took the learners on a grand voyage into the world of poetry, one which they are not to forget soon. He perfomed his own poetry and poems of others that held the kids' attention before opening them to his creative process that, in the next few days, resulted in poems being written and calls for more to be written: A truly worthwhile experience of fun, creativity and inspiration." - Nick Jones, Abbotts College, Claremont

"Simric is a gifted facilitator, speaker and performer. I've been blessed to be facilitated by Simric in an archetype themed theatre/performance evening. Heard wonderful stories that have taken me to far off mythological shores. Listened and watched poetry that has scintillated, while it cut effortlessly to the core of NOW." - Adam Carnegie, Designer/Illustrator/Cartoonist

Simric’s poem had the entire room spellbound.  It was perfect for the occasion, and it set the mood for the whole of the rest of the evening.  After the wedding, several people phoned me to ask how we had chosen the poem, because they wanted to do something similar on their special day.  It added a magical dimension to our evening.” - Ryana Johnson 

"Simric performed his poetry at our fundraising auction event. His performance was electrically enlightening, he offered a dynamic, theatrical performance which, combined with his creative word collaborations, took the audience on a journey which was a profound pleasure to watch." - Claire Homewood - co-ordinator, Communitree Community Art Project

"We wanted something more than the usual readings for our wedding and Simric brought exactly the right tone for the occasion: personal, poignant and beautiful." - Kate Mandeville

“Simric’s poetry and his radical, delicious, expression of every word draws me in, delights me and inspires me to dive into my own creative dungeons. Simric is a mirror image of his poetry: surprising, funny, sharp, profound.” – Dina Oelofsen, Corporate Facilitator (called Simric in to perform for Old Mutual SLG)

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