“It has always been a fear of mine to perform in front of an audience. I am also scared of doing anything with my body other than playing sport. I never raise my voice or shout other than when I am really angry. Simric’s work has allowed me to connect with so many of the things I am fearful of, and enjoy it while doing so! The journey leaves me feeling very much in my body and invigorated, ready to put my energy into what I need to do.” Marc Nicholson, Owner, ThingKing Designs

Simric Yarrow BA (Hons) (Balliol College, Oxford University), MA (London - SOAS), PGCE (London - IoE), DipEd (Cape Town - CCE) is a passionate facilitator of holistic approaches to organisational development and social transformation. He was born in the free-thinking creative setting of Norwich in the UK in the 1970s - and as a young adult spent years getting an academic overview of the way societies have operated globally, but at the same time realising that there was something missing from conventional forms of education, a view he has in common with Sir Ken Robinson of TED fame. Sir Ken's mission is  "to transform the culture of education and organizations with a richer conception of human creativity and intelligence" and this is a mission Simric shares, which comes through in his performance work too.

Simric moved to South Africa in 1996, shortly after Nelson Mandela became President, and worked initially in the sustainability sector of the NGO world, with the Southern African Environment Project. He built up a rapid picture of the challenges faced in the new economy and society that was being created, and became particularly aware of how much of a hole there was in understanding the need for holistic change that incorporated deep environmental awareness. He became aware of a need to build a new kind of leadership that developed self-esteem alongside greater ethical awareness.

Over the years that followed, Simric demonstrated his own capacities to lead from the front, co-building a radical eco-friendly home that became a successful base for an innovative business. At the same time he retrained and worked in the Steiner/Waldorf school system, regarded by a UNESCO survey as "the education for the 21st century."* During his many years as a teacher in this system he has both experienced and co-created revolutionary, creative, whole-body-heart-mind methods of learning and interacting both with students and in collegial situations.

At the same time, he built up an impressive range of experience as a performer, particularly as a musician and actor. working with top Cape Town names like Cape Town Opera, the Mike Campbell Big Band, the late jazz great Winston Mankunku, and more recently with Bonfire Theatre, an innovative playback theatre company whose transformational work has been taken into corporate settings as much as community-based ones, as well as (from 2009 to 2011) Jungle Theatre, who take issues-based theatre into community settings. As a performer he has gained increasing renown as a speaker, particularly as a performance poet for particular occasions, for both the public and private events, since launching this aspect of himself with a first book in 2009 and a first CD in 2012 (both commercial successes). As a poet he sees himself to some extent following in the wake of David Whyte, the poet who leads organisational workshops in 'Conversational Leadership'.

Since 2011 he has run his own successful workshops with private groups, 'Soul Theatre', working with a range of performative techniques to open people up gently to finding their own deeper passion for life through play. In 2013 he began doing this in collaboration with other facilitators for the first time, as well as taking some of these techniques into work in group therapeutic situations. He is also currently lead facilitator of a ceremonial wilderness experience for young men 'coming of age', developed by NPO Hearts of Men, intended to provide young men with a positive experience of what being a man might be for them, connected to the world.

Along the way he has continued to supplement his understanding with new forms of knowledge and whole-body learning, including extensive training with the School of Movement Medicine both in South Africa and the UK, as well as incorporating work drawn from Antero Alli's ParaTheatrical Research Totality Therapy, and more recently studies in Organisational Analysis (Coursera/Stanford University), the Enneagram, and process-oriented psychology.

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